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Have you ever tried to evaluate the measurement uncertainty after or prior to your coordinate measurement? If you have, you probably realised that it is all but easy. Available standards (ISO 15530 series) give some guidance, but still a lot of educated expertise is needed in most cases. As a result, the measurement uncertainty is very often overlooked at all. But measurements are done for a purpose, and with no measurement uncertainty there is no way to ascertain whether this purpose is achieved or achievable. This is equivalent to buying a vehicle without knowing whether it is a moped, a racing car or a van: would it be adequate for the purpose? In most cases, the uncertainty statement does not need to be accurate and upper bounding is sufficient (PUMA method, ISO 14253‑2).
The EU-funded project
EUCoM (Evaluating the Uncertainty in Coordinate Measurement) has the objective of helping industry in this difficult task. Two methods have been developed: an experimental one, where little or no prior knowledge is necessary but some extra measurement is required; and one based on prior information only, which makes prediction of the uncertainty possible.

You are invited to attend the online EUCoM seminar, which summarises the outcomes of the project, and specifically introduces the developed methods.

The seminar is divided in two parts. The first one is in English and gives the background of the project, the outcomes of interest for industry, and a first flavour of its application. The second part is national in national tongue. It reports on the experience gained in the country when applying the methods, and collects questions, impressions and suggestions. See the table below for details.
The seminar is free, but you are required to register.

Plenary session:

Why you should join this Seminar?

• Learn about the latest developments on implementing simplified ways of determining CMM measurement uncertainty
• Relevant to industrial users from shop floor operatives to senior management
• Opportunity to give feedback on the methods
• Learn about future standardisation work
• Workshops in both English and your local language
• Network with likeminded professionals across Europe

WHEN: Tuesday 29th June 2021


REGISTRATION: Please fill in the registration form HERE.



1) 9:30 – 10:15 (CET) Importance of uncertainty Alessandro Balsamo (INRIM)
2) 10:30 – 12:15 (CET) “A priori” method

“A posteriori” method

Osamu Sato (NMIJ)
Wojtek Plowucha (ATH)
Alistair Forbes (NPL)

Lunch break

3) 13:30 – 14:30 (CET) Application and results Josef Frese (PTB)

National sessions:

The National sessions will be organized separately. You can choose from this table. For further information please visit the relevant link.
Country Date Link for registration Link for more information Moderator
ITALY 29.6.2021 link link A. Balsamo (INRIM)
CZECH REPUBLIC 29.6.2021 link link V. Zeleny (CMI)
GERMANY 29.6.2021 link link U. Neuschaefer-Rube (PTB)
JAPAN 16.7.2021 link link O. Sato (NMIJ)
SPAIN 14.7.2021 link link Unai Mutilba
POLEN not yet decided link link not yet decided
GREAT BRITAIN 29.6.2021 link link Chris Smyth
TURKEY not yet decided link link not yet decided
ESTONIA not yet decided link link not yet decided
DENMARK not yet decided link link J. Toftegaard