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“Standards for the evaluation of the uncertainty of coordinate measurements in industry”

Manufacturing contributed €2.14 trillion to the GDP of EU countries in 2016. To continue its leadership in advanced manufacturing, the EU must ensure products are well characterised and accurately inspected for tolerance and quality. This is particularly the case for critical parts where functional failure could have catastrophic results, such as an aircraft failing due to a faulty turbine blade.

Coordinate measurement machines (CMMs) provide a way to define the virtually infinite variety of possible geometries by using a probe to sense discrete points on the surface of an object. However, coordinate measurements can be time consuming, and evaluating the uncertainty in measurements remains challenging.

This project will deliver simplified methods for evaluating the uncertainty of coordinate measurement in industry, and provide guidance to practitioners. This will enable companies to make more reliable product inspections decisions, reducing the risk of false acceptance or rejection of parts, and ultimately helping EU manufacturers to maintain a high-quality and efficient industry


Field: Normative

Project Type: Joint Research Project

Status: in progress

Call: 2017

Duration: 2018-2021