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EUCoM project now open to new Stakeholders

Would you like to become a Stakeholder of the Project? The EUCoM project is about helping industry in evaluating the uncertainty in coordinate measurements, and submitting viable methods to the competent ISO Working Group for possible intake in international standards. We value the opinion and advice of interested companies to maximise he project impact. For this reason, a Stakeholder Committee is established, with the goal of providing a forum for interested companies not part of the project consortium. Being a stakeholder in the committee also gives a front seat opportunity to keep informed on the most recent project developments. Committee members are invited to three short conference calls (about 2 h) on the occasion of periodical project meetings (tentatively on March 2019, November 2020 and March 2021) and to a attend a special meeting (in person or in a webinar) on the occasion of the midterm project meeting (tentatively on November 2019). They will also receive short communications about the progress of the project. There is no special commitment for being a Stakeholder in the Committee, apart from some due confidentiality. For this reason, Committee members are required to sign a letter of agreement ( link ) . We invite you to consider becoming a stakeholder of the project. Should you be interested, please manifest your intention to the following points of contacts: Adam Wójtowicz, GUM (Poland), a.wojtowicz@gum.gov.pl, tel. +48 22 581 9148 – Responsible for the constitution of the Stakeholder Committee. Alessandro Balsamo, INRIM (Italy), a.balsamo@inrim.it, tel. +39 011 3919.970 – Coordinator of the EUCoM project.