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M18 meeting in Braunschweig

The 5th and 6th November 2019, the Month 18 meeting from EUCoM project was held in Braunschweig (Germany), where the colleagues from PTB (German Metrology Institute), warmly welcomed the rest of the EUCoM partners in their facilities. During the two day meeting the advances in the different activities were presented by all the participants and several decisions about the upcoming tasks were taken. The progress of the project is considered correct and the …Read More

EUCoM project now open to new Stakeholders

Would you like to become a Stakeholder of the Project? The EUCoM project is about helping industry in evaluating the uncertainty in coordinate measurements, and submitting viable methods to the competent ISO Working Group for possible intake in international standards. We value the opinion and advice of interested companies to maximise he project impact. For this reason, a Stakeholder Committee is established, with the goal of providing a forum for …Read More