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"Standards for the evaluation of the uncertainty of coordinate measurements in industry" Manufacturing contributed €2.14 trillion to the GDP of EU countries in 2016. To continue its leadership in advanced manufacturing, the EU must ensure products are well characterised and accurately inspected for tolerance and quality. This is particularly the case for critical parts where functional failure could have catastrophic results, such as an aircraft failing due to a faulty turbine blade.

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EUCoM Project kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of the Project EUCoM was held in Torino (Turin – Italy) the 10th of July 2018.

During the two day meeting that was held in INRIM (National Metrology Institute of Italy), the planning for the incoming work on the project was done. Also the partners had the opportunity to meet each other in person. This was a great moment that sets the beginning ot this promising project.


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