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Dissemination of EUCoM is underway!

One important objective of EUCoM project is that generated results are adequately disseminated. This will ensure further use of the scientific and technical results obtained after the lifetime of the project. Among other dissemination activities, the communication of project results and standardization requirements to standardization bodies are actively being carried out. In this sense, standardization bodies are being succesfully involved in several meetings, most notably the ISO/TC213/WG10 group which is working on an ISO/WD 15530‑2 project, which is exactly in line with the WP1 from EUCoM. Main meetings held have been:

ISO/TC 213/WG 10 group meeting, Poznán (Poland), 2018-09-21

ISO/TC 213/WG 10 group meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, 2019-01-30

CIRP STC “P” group meeting, Paris (France), 21/02/2019

ISO/TC 213/WG 10 group meeting, Berlin (Germany), 2019-09-12

ISO/TC 213/WG 10 group meeting, Querétaro (Mexico),  2020-01-28